Building people.

My goal is to make people believe in themselves again; make them believe that they can do anything they dream to do.

- Abdalla Ali Al-Baalawy

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Building organizations.

When we build people, we build organizations; and thus, build the economy.

- Abdalla Ali Al-Baalawy

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Building nations.

When we build the economy, we build society; and thus, build nations (countries).

- Abdalla Ali Al-Baalawy

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Since 1993

Who am I?

I am trained in law and economics; but I like to define myself as a change maker and developer. I develop people; who then develop organizations; who then develop nations (countries).

As a leader, entrepreneur, lawyer, rights advocate, community worker, and athlete, I learned that integrity and working hard and smart is what makes all the difference. Helping one another achieve success and making sure we stand up for equity, equality, fairness, and justice, is what will make our world great again.

I am a believer in helping others achieve their highest potential through the most sustainable manner; and a staunch believer that: anything is possible, impossible is nothing, and if you believe, you can achieve.

- Abdalla Ali Al-Baalawy

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